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Photo shows my block for the Hurricane Katrina fund-raising quilt "All That Jazz".

Monday, June 06, 2005

Stephanie's purse

Stephanie is seventeen and when she ordered her purse, she stipulated that she didn't want too many beads because she doesn't like clutter. This is her purse which only had a beaded tassle instead of a fringe across the bottom (thank Heaven for those Indian/incense type shops for the linked plastic beaded necklaces)! Her favourite doo-dad was the ex-Avon lapel pin gold and purple Angel at the top right corner and her favourite piece of embroidery were the orange/yellow bullion roses.
Stefanie's purse

Amanda's 21st birthday purse

This ATC size purse was for Amanda who has just turned 21. She chose her favourite colour scheme of white, pink and pastels although she didn't see the actual purse until it was finished. I loved sewing this one and also choosing the various doo-dad with which to trim it including the Stirling silver 21st key. The beaded fringe at the bottom was made with glass beads and Swarvoski crystals.
Amanda's 21st birthday purse

Purse for Karen's niece

Karen from my workplace ordered this purse for her niece's 15th birthday. Karen particularly liked the frog on the Lily pad, the fish in the pond and the cherub shooting the stars. I cut up a linked Indian necklace for the bottom fringe and used the same beads around the edge.
Another view of the same purse