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Photo shows my block for the Hurricane Katrina fund-raising quilt "All That Jazz".

Thursday, June 01, 2006

Maureen Bonds Christmas tree 003

Solvy DYB RR. Maureen Bond made a large picture for us all to embellish. It was a room with walls, floor, fireplace and of course, a Christmas tree. I chose to make a wreath for the wall which was a green pipe cleaner wrapped in funky fibre and a sort of green holographic tinsel with red beads sewn on. The clock was a piece of dark brown fabric appliqued onto the mantlepiece with a button clock face. Mary Lewis had already added the candles around the Christmas tree and Anne had put the star of the top and the button stockings on a gold cord. I hope Anne doesn't mind but I put her stocking buttons on the fire place and decorated the tree with gold cord and lots of tiny charms and bead ornaments. This was great fun and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

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