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Photo shows my block for the Hurricane Katrina fund-raising quilt "All That Jazz".

Saturday, April 21, 2007

Op Shop Spoils

I had the most wonderful morning shopping in our local Good Samaritans Op-Shop today. I scanned the best bits because I can't believe the fabulous haul. There are two purses, one covered in yellowy/gold sequins and beads and the other one "hand-beaded" in tiny dull gold beads. Eddie is about to "un-hand-bead" them both and at the moment is unpicking abother one which was covered in red beads and coral coloured sequins. Believe it or not, he finds unpicking and sorting beads and sequins off bags, purses and clothing very relaxing and doesn't mind how much I give him to do. There is also a cream waistcoat in the photo with rows and rows of different rayon laces, a pearl collar for unpicking and the very best item would have to be a dull fawny-yellow silk skirt with appliqued machine-embroidered leaves around the bottom. The leaves are attached with stitches about one inch long so real quick and easy to unpick. The leaf veins are yellowy-gold glass beads. That would have cost me $3.50 but because it was 50% off everything in the clothing lines today, I got it for $1.75. Unfortunately, it had been part of a two piece suit and the top was apparently better than the skirt. Although the lady looked high and low for it, it was no-where to be seen and in the end she came to the conclusion that it had "walked" out under a jacket or jumper - what a shame!! Anyway, I am drooling over my spoils in any case....double click on the photo for a larger than life image.


Bear said...

oh Viv
I am green wiv envy- wot a haul U have scored yourself - wot a fabulous op shop- is it normally this good??- If it is I may get on a plane and fly- (mind the bottles I am saving will have to be a much bigger pile to rate the airfare gggg)BUT wot an absolute steal Good on U darling Viv- I am pleased for you -shame people are not all honest huh??- the jacket would have yielded so much more- BUT you certainly did win!! Well done
love n hugs bear xoxoxoxoxo

Calidore said...

I am soooo coming shopping with you next time Viv - what a treasure.