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Photo shows my block for the Hurricane Katrina fund-raising quilt "All That Jazz".

Monday, December 12, 2011

The Next lot of UFOs in the Queue

These are the next lot of projects - we can't help ourselves, we just keep finding more and more things to restore and to bring back to some sort of usefulness.
Here is my collection of English 1950s dolls which all need cleaning up, re-wigging and dressing.  I'm not sure where I will display them but they are all just like the ones that my sister and I had when we were kids.  The first two which are not in the photo were found by my son on the side of the road during an annual Council Rubbish Clean-up. He saw them and thought straight away "Hey! My mum would love those!!"  Needless to say, I did love them and then bought more on eBay and in a second hand shop. Mostly they were in pieces and needed re-stringing, eye-lashes, mouths painting and totally restoring.  They are now all in one piece again and are waiting for some 1950s style clothes which I shall copy from my Mum's old "Australian Home Journal" magazines which I have in my cupboard. Sadly they are deteriorating fast as the paper is becoming brittle but the gorgeous drawings of the dresses that my sister and I wore as children are still there.

The next project appeared on the pile of next-door's rubbish during the local Council Verge Clean-up a couple of weeks ago.  We already had a cane chair, a cane rocking chair and a cane coffee table on our front porch, all bought in charity shops at different times and all painted gloss white with colourful cushions etc and this settee was exactly the same pattern in natural cane.  Eddie was taking me to work early one morning and spotted it, stopped the car and the two of us scuttled over to the rubbish pile, picked up the settee and carried it home. One leg was broken but Eddie quickly fixed that with a large screw and a bracket, I bought a cane basket for $2 at the Salvos which we unpicked and used to cover the joins at the back and will cover the feet.  It is as solid as a rock now and will look fantastic painted white like the rest of the furniture and next-doors will never know it was their old one.....I mean to say, we're not telling them it was us who scavenged on their verge!!!!

I guess I could describe my style of decorating as "re-cycled Country"??  or maybe it is just plain "my own style" but I love the look of my 1950s childhood and anything that reminds me of my Grandma's house or my parents house.


Faye said...

It sounds like you both have had a very busy, but fun weekend, finishing off some of your UFO projects... Well done! Love your lamps, great work on them...

Bear said...

heavens - I love the baby bag you made Pippa- but all that worth extra work , the lamps were gorjus - I can see that by the time these UFO's are all done- U wont want to move- - love the wicker- but I adore wicker anything aad I have my 1950'w doll at home and shes very much like yours- they are a beautiful doll - mine also needs rewigging and restringing and well re everything- love to see these when they have been re upped
love n hugs bear xoxoxoxoxo