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Photo shows my block for the Hurricane Katrina fund-raising quilt "All That Jazz".

Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Spring in the Valley - Block 17

I live on the edge of the Swan River Valley, the main grape growing/wine producing area of Perth in Western Australia and every year we have a "Spring in the Valley Festival" to celebrate the produce of the valley.  All the wineries have wine tastings and sales, the Cheese Factory has cheese samples and sales, the Margaret River Chocolate Company has chocolate tastings and sales of chocolates, chocolate products, pickles and jams, the boutique breweries have beer tastings and sales and all of these places serve meals. Some of the wineries have live music and Art exhibitions - it's a big weekend and people arrive by the busload and by car - but you definitely need to have a designated non-drinking skipper to make sure that everybody arrives home again safely, LOL......

I had this piece of "grape-vine" lace edging which so far has not fitted in to any of my block themes so I figured that I would create a block around the lace instead and use it that way. My obvious theme then had to be "Spring in the Valley" - the original Swan Valley vineyards were set up by Italian migrants in late 1800s and early 1900s so there is an annual "Blessing of the Vintage" ceremony which still carries on the Italian tradition, hence my Angel blessing the grape charms below her with a smiling sun to spread sunshine. Spring means flowers and butterflies so they are there as well and that spider's web was a piece of damask that had the web woven into the fabric, I merely stitched over the existing web.

I had a lot of fun stitching this block although someone on the train one evening after work asked me if I was sewing a "Communion piece". I am finding that lots of people on the trains who have seen me beavering away for months are becoming interested in my sewing.  One lady actually asked to see my block because she thought I had been working on the same little piece of fabric the whole time. That made me chuckle!!  I'm not sure that I particularly like this block as it is getting a long way from my original warm Victorian/Edwardian cream blocks - is my style changing?  I think so but I hope not.


kerrykatiecakeskeb43 said...

I think you are right, Viv - I can see a change in style here I think. Could just be the power of suggestion though! lol It looks lovely in any case.

Mánya said...

Dear Viv, your block is really beautiful.
This block might be slightly "cooler" than the others, but as I saw it, it immediately reminded me of your Christmas block and I think they make a perfect pair.

Bear said...

Hi Viv
yup there is a definate change going on- but this is so beautiful and a lighter block- I think I have found myself enjoying this block maybe more then some of the others ie the Stripes block, I agree with Manya it does bring a christmassy feeling to the block BUT as I said above I love this one more then one or two of the others and I think that no matter who it is even you, there is always going to be some blocks that appeal to you or anyone else more then other blocks Is that okay?? Yes I think it is Leave it alone Viv - if you must -do another in this vein but I do adore this block and will happily take it in here with me LOL
love n hugs always Bear xoxoxoxo

Quayceetatter said...

Nice motifs and charms. Love the spider!!

Ruby said...

Lovely block! Great commemorative of the Spring Valley Wines. I went back to your photo of 15 and perhaps it is a little lighter. From the photo of the group the Fans block appears the lightest.
I have several laces that I wish to build a block to be able to use and this post encourages me that it can be done!! Thanks.

Ritva said...

The block i adorable! Just wonderful Viv!


gocrazywithme said...

I can see why someone would think it's a Communion piece, with the grapes and the chalice (wine goblet). It does have a slightly different style that the previous blocks, but I think that will add interest to the quilt overall. I say keep it in!

Windsong Journals said...

I love the look of this block. It maybe slightly different than the last block but it fits with some of your earlier ones. It is a good addition to the group. Congratulations!
Big hug,
Pam in Seattle

Marianne said...

I think block 17 is gorgeous
! Good luck with yoiur project, Marianne\ in NJ

Vivienne said...

Thank you all so much for your constructive comments which is exactly what I wanted. This is a group of crazy quilters that are totally honest so I knew when I asked for opinions that I would get some. I really value these comments and those on Gerry K's blog and will "fix" those problem areas. Thanks again, girls.

Rose Anne B said...

WOW Viv, I like your block very much and was at a loss of what to change - yes it is different - but do you expect to have all 90 some blocks looking the same! Mixing up the "charm" of the blocks will make the quilt very exciting to look at.

Now that I've seen Gerry's photoshopped suggestions they do make the block more appealing. And now I can't wait to see your new photos of what you've changed! I am so inspired by your creativity and in AWE!

HUGS, Rose Anne