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Photo shows my block for the Hurricane Katrina fund-raising quilt "All That Jazz".

Monday, January 03, 2011

Block 5 Cottage Garden block

I didn't realise just how pale this block was. It certainly doesn't look this pale in the flesh!! However, I made use of an antique bird motif which my husband says is on it's way to sh*t on the head of the lady busy in her garden......NOT TRUE! My antique bird would not do a thing like that. The lady is a lace motif which I bought when I was on holiday with my lovely friend Mary Lewis, I think I got her in a haberdashery shop in Milton or Ulladulla in NSW which has since closed down....shame that, it was a delightful old-fashioned habby shop. The flower beads are clear with a slight irridescent look, they are not all the pastel colours that show up in the photo. So block 5 finished, block 6 will get started in the train to work tomorrow.


Julia said...

Hi Viv,
Lovely to see you back doing your beautiful CQ work..Love the cream on cream blocks..
I'm just blog surfing catching up with what the girls are doing..
Happy New Year..
Julia ♥

Vivienne said...

Hello Julia,
and a Happy New Year to you and Reno too. I hope you had a lovely Christmas, ours was very quiet this year which was nice. I'm doing the cq on the train - I'd go round the twist otherwise. People sitting staring at one another or reading or listening to iPods, I'd much rather sew and have something to show for the journey.

Ruby said...

Vivi, I just saw your post on the Yahoo list. Came to see what you're up to! Love this block. Sounds like something my hubby would say. LOL. Great work.

Cathy K said...

Hi Vivienne, and welcome to CQI. Your stitching is amazing, and these blocks are beyond beautiful! Hugs, Cathy K (a moderator at CQI)

Rose Anne B said...

I LOVE this block - all is very very beautiful!!!

CJ Stitching and Blooms said...

Hello Viv, I found your blog through CQI. your cream on cream CQ blocks are truly beautiful. I would like to add your blog to my list of lovely blogs?? Hugs Judy

Vivienne said...

Thankyou for your lovely positive comments, Ruby, Cathy, Rose Anne and Judy.I really appreciate your feedback - as you can see from the negative comments (mine included) about the stars on the previous block.