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Photo shows my block for the Hurricane Katrina fund-raising quilt "All That Jazz".

Saturday, January 01, 2011

Cream Crazy Quilt Block Four finished....

New Year's Day and I've spent two wonderfully relaxing hours working on block four of my cream on cream crazy quilt. This block contains two of my favourite pieces of lace. The large motif on the right hand side was bought for me by my lovely friend Jill Taylor in an antique textiles shop in Somerset, UK and has very fine organdie leaves which are over-embroidered with veins and in the centre is a 3-dimensional rose which is just over 1 inch across. I also love the very fine netting lace at the top left hand corner with the sprays of circles on stems.

While I am not a fan of sequin stars, the centre needed "lifting" and because there were already stars woven into the brocade, I added some more. I'm not sure about them though so they may come off at some stage in the future. The Angel button was given to me on an international crazy quilt block exchange and I loved it so much, I poached it for my quilt.


Faye said...

Another lovely one Viv. Yes I would like to see the stars gone too.

Mary on Norfolk Island said...

You have a wonderful and enviable collection of laces Viv - and you are creating a real masterpiece with them!!!
on Norfolk Island

Rose Anne B said...

You just blow my mind bye bye!!! Such exquisite embellishing!!!