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Photo shows my block for the Hurricane Katrina fund-raising quilt "All That Jazz".

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Block 9 Completed

I have finished block 9 which started out with no particular theme and finished up being one of the main blocks in the quilt.  When I'd finished adding an elephant, a heart, a butterfly and a bouquet of Roses plus embroidery, the block was suffering an identity crisis but then my husband suggested that I turn the heart into a "cartouche".  A what?  "A Cartouche!" says he again.  He loves watching Antique Roadshow on TV and often in the jewellery section, Victorian watches, lockets, trinket boxes, serviette rings and cuff-links have a shape such as a heart, circle, oval etc in the gold or silver where people could get initials or names engraved.  So, I added my own initials VMG and the year 2011 in the blank section of the heart shape, in my own cartouche. I'm a bit disappointed that the heart edging has a "bulge" in it, it isn't straight. I tried to fix it but it's the way the motif was stitched originally and I can't do much about it. Suddenly though, the block felt complete, it looks happy again........I keep saying and it's true, these blocks develop a personality after awhile!!

Yesterday was actually a horrible day for doing anything, including stitching.  The temperature reached 40 degrees celsius which is 104 degrees farenheit and the humidity was revolting.  Everything felt hot and sticky until about 3.30pm when I decided that I really would have to brave the yucky weather and go shopping. The Heavens opened and heavy rain bucketed down accompanied by rolling thunder then just as suddenly, it stopped and it was still as hot and stickier than ever.  Today we were supposed to be hit by Cyclone Bianca but thankfully it has now been down-graded to just a heavy storm which hopefully will cool things down a bit. 


Vivienne said...

That 'M' is horrible, the bottom half of the left-hand leg will need to be unpicked and redone. I don't know what made me make it that big.....amazing what is not visible in the flesh and yet looks terrible in a photo.

Rose Anne B said...

OMGG this is just beautiful - like the previous eight!!! I like your elephant and hugs to DH for his suggestion!!! NEATO!!!

Laurie said...

The M is perfect I think Vivienne, and I love the cream on creams. The whole block is stunning!
Thank God everyone is ok and no one was injured in the storm. Here in Michigan, U.S., it's cold cold cold, and so much snow. We're the opposite extreme!
Stay safe, and great stitching!!

Bear said...

oh Viv you arae so darn hard on you its BEAUTIFUL - love your Cartouche! They were very popular in the times of the Pharoahs as well ie Cleopatras time gggg
I love how this quilt is coming together its so beautiful each block even more so
wowee its going to be some Quilt when its finished
love n hugs bearxoxoxoxoxo

Ritva said...

Just gorgeous Viv! I love your work.


Vivienne said...

Thankyou Rose Anne, Laurie, Belinda Bear and Ritva for your nice comments. Yeah, I went to unpick that "M" and you can see the needle holes in the fabric so I am going to have to leave it alone.

Faye said...

Viv, this one is gorgeous... Your Cartouche is a perfect finishing touch to it... Love it!!!

threadgatherer said...

I love all your blocks, Viv, with all their little touches, now you've inspired us with the "cartouche"! lol
What's next?? vbg

Connie said...

Where on earth did you get that sweet little lace elephant!

Vivienne said...

Hi Connie,
I think I bought him about four years ago at an "old fashioned" haberdashery shop near Sydney in New South Wales which was having a closing down sale. If I see something that I like, I buy it then and there without thinking about where and why because I know I can use it in the future.