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Photo shows my block for the Hurricane Katrina fund-raising quilt "All That Jazz".

Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Linda's DYB6 Fan Block

Yesterday was hot, really hot, a scorcher in fact. The official temperature was 42 degrees celsius which is approximately 107 degrees farenheit but out here in the Swan Valley in Western Australia, you can always add on a couple of degrees. So, the dog and I spent the entire day in front of the air-conditioner which was a wonderful opportunity to do nothing else but sew on Linda's block. I had added the lace fan, braid around the top of the pieced fan and beads on the left hand side on Monday so yesterday I could just embroider away to my hearts content. I started at 9am and apart for meals, I finished at 9.30pm. I'm happy with it, I hope Linda is when she sees it.

Linda's DYB6 Fan Block

1 comment:

Chloe said...

Happy? I am blissfully happy. :)

And I am really delighted with the treatment fo the rays of the fan, which is what I was really after.